New video from Sese!

“Thinkin’ back reminiscing on my teens, a young G gettin’ paid off of dope fiends. F**kin’ off cash that I make. N**ga, what’s tha sense of workin hard if you never get to play?” The words of the ever influential late Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur from the song “Bury Me A G.” Off the 1994 album, “Thug Life Vol. 1” released by the controversial group Thug Life founded by 2Pac. The song would later appear on the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed documentary on his life, “Tupac: Resurrection.” Fast forward to 2014, and Week 8 of Sese’s #TWMS series. Sese resurrects the “Bury Me A G” instrumental, and lays it back to rest! Giving you brief glimses into his background, Sese touches on various topics. This one is for the true fans and supporters! Share, like and comment! #TWMS Week 8 “Bury Me A G.”