New Sese Music!!!

Milkbone →

For this weeks #TWMS release Sese takes us back to the mid-90’s with a two part Freestyle over Miilkbone’s “Keep It Real” and the late Heavy D’s “Big Daddy.” Very reminiscent of the grimey days of baggy hoodies and over-sized jeans, Sese sounds perfect over the hard hitting drums and chopped jazz sample. Fans may remember the same instrumental being used for the classic Jay-Z & Big L Freestyle cypher on the Stretch & Bobbito Show. Then in perfect contrast, Sese switches gears and smooths it out over the “Overweight Lover’s” 1997 hit, “Big Daddy.” Known for his smooth delivery and female friendly persona; bursting on the scene in 1985, Heavy D was a pioneer in keeping the ladies involved in Hip Hop. Listen as Sese smooths it out for his fans and shows us versatility like only he can. Sese is only warming up with the #TWMS releases, as he prepares for his next full length project, “YFRWN3.” Be sure to follow the campaign and everything Sese coming in the next few months.