New Video from Sese!

#ThisWasMyShit – #TWMS Week 4

Song: Elevators
Artist: SESE
Director: NV

@seseseason @ninoluey

The visuals for last weeks #TWMS release are here! Sese takes his fans and supporters on an elevator ride to Outkast’s breakout hit, “Elevators.” Directed by AMG’s NV the visual campaign behind #TWMS shows no letting up. Be on the look out for the new #TWMS release dropping tomorrow, and a new release every Thursday.

This Was My Shit Series

Sese – Thirty Six (Week 1)

Sese – Say My Name right (Week 3)

Audio Download
Sese – Thirty Six (Week 1)…

Verbal Criminology (Week 2)…

Sese – Say My Name Right (Week 3)…

Sese – Elevators (Week 4)…

#YFRWN3 Coming Soon!